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Country Garden · Songshan Lake Country Garden Phase III

Songhu Country Garden Phase III is located, Songhu Country Garden is located in Dongguan City

Beside Keyuan Road, Songshan Lake District

Enjoy convenient financial services, convenient transportation.
The surrounding environment is beautiful. Surrounded by Pine Hill Lake Central Park,

Dream Baihua Island, Songhu Butterfly Love Dalingshan Sports Park,

Wetland Park, Dalingshan Park, etc.

Living facilities are complete.

Longxiang Health Sports is built for the third phase of Songhu Country Garden,

Giraffe Dreamland.

Clever brand symbols,

Deer element fusion to children's unpowered equipment

And three-dimensional presentation

Become an interactive brand exclusive

Theme Parent-Child Amusement Space

Children's Paradise in Design and Planning

Taking Children's Perceived Needs as the Entry Point

According to the design of the park, color, thought, line and knowledge,

Let the children get all-round exercise in the game

Giraffe Paradise through a rich

The contrast of cold and warm colors makes the park full of vitality.

Like a bright gem, set in the elegant central park.

Unique giraffe shape,

Simple shape, with identification,

Instantly like to get the child's favor.

Children's park to make full use of space

Let the children can shuttle among them, get different play fun

Everywhere the scenery is different, the development of children's curiosity

and interest in finding new game targets.

Link 2 device platforms via crawl game

Let the child experience a sense of space

Communicate with parents in a unique perspective

Rich form of play, let the child during the growth and development

Get concentration and physical exercise

Climbing game, drill pipe, bird's nest swing, balance game

Small expansion, terrain games, sand pool, slide and other games

Combine a combination game designed for young children

Let children of different ages in the game

Get exercise to improve your sense system

Interact with peers in different games to improve judgment


Through the visual, auditory, tactile diversity of the game

Enhancing children's perception



Children in parent-child interaction and peer interaction

Ggain an increase in concentration, imagination, and observation



Vivid modeling, bright colors

A rich combination of games

Lifting perception, naming concepts, shape concepts, color concepts,

The concept of number and quantity, the concept of sense of space,

Longxiang Sports Business Cooperation

Business Hotline:

Ms. ma 138 2651 5800

shenzhen office address:

Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

2403, 24th Floor, Building 1, Fangda City, Longzhu 4th Road

Factory office address:

Huidong County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Baihua Town Moling Road Longxiang Sports Group

English website: www.szlxkt.com

Chinese website: amusement facilities. Website‍‍

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Country Garden · Songshan Lake Country Garden Phase III

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