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Country Garden · Songshan Lake Country Garden Phase III

Country Garden Community Children's Park is intended to create a child-friendly space. The project is mainly shaped by the image of a kind and soft white deer. The white deer leans down as if to send a sincere invitation to the children. The white deer also brings rich interactive play equipment for the children, such as deer slide combination, curved swing, flying trampoline, flower trampoline... Make friends with the white deer!

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Xinghe Guanyufu Children's Theme Community Park

Xinghe Guanyufu Children's Theme Community Park Creating an Ecological and Healthy Habitat Life in Zhongkai Space darling rabbit theme park Milky Way, Planet, Space Rabbit as Design Elements


Zhongnan-Shuishue Yunjin

Located on the banks of the Yili River, the project, from the perspective of human settlement aesthetics and relying on the natural ecological beach park, vividly creates a fantasy story of "little koi looking for colorful pearls". In this secret base, it leads children to start a wonderful journey of exploration and adventure. This is a colorful amusement park landscape. The main shape of the round colorful pearls is dazzling. The home of starfish, the brave of the waves, and the underwater world are tailored for children of different ages, for children to climb and slide down. Explore in the shuttle.


Xi 'an Jinhui World City-Jungle Adventure Jurassic Hunting

Jinhui Group develops Jinhui World City in Xi'an The project occupies the CBD location, guarding Yanta South Road, The project format is rich, covering residential, Grade A office buildings, High-end apartments, five-star hotels, concentrated commercial and other full property types Longxiang Health Sports Building for Jinhui World City Fantasy and fun Jungle Adventure Park Inside hidden mysterious surprise Cute and cuddly dinosaur Will become a good friend of the children to accompany them to grow up


Xinghe Shengshi · Fun Space Adventure Paradise

Mysterious UFO appeared in Zhongshan Xinghe Shengshi. Please bring your friends and parents with you. Feel the mystery and surprise together. The hustle and bustle of the city fast pace of life, design and service for life, In a city of traffic Create a natural and humanistic space belonging to children Let life slow down Feel the joy in life


Xinjiang Vanke Metropolitan Future City

With the flower tower as the element of the theme of the dream park is located in which the venue covers more than 20 kinds of play, It is suitable for children aged 3-6 and children aged 6-12 to play games, and children embrace natural development potential in play, Parents feel romantic under the flower tower.


Vanke Metropolis

Simple atmosphere full of art forest system indoor amusement facilities Simple fashion color pure refreshing Play a variety of ways and indoor integration without wind and rain exposure Eat, drink and have fun in one step.


Kaisa-Baiyun City Square

Kaisa Baiyun City Square "Seed Paradise" project is located in Shicha Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. The park takes seeds as its design inspiration. We combine technology, lighting and intelligent devices to create an open and interactive and participatory dynamic fashion experience area. Functional areas such as vibrant forests, seed homes, interesting bunkers, and hill terrain are designed in the site. There are rotating seats, power bicycles, rainbow bridges, slides and plum blossom piles to create a dreamy experience of seed germination breaking through the ground. It also incorporates modern interactive art installations, such as: it can emit light by stepping on the pedal of a power bicycle, and the seed house will emit colorful and different light at a fixed time at night. Engage people in the landscape through technologically avant-garde interactive devices.


Huaxia Happiness · Fish Leaping and Begonia

Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, is located in the south-central part of Hebei Province. Taihang Mountain borders Jingxing County in the west, Zanhuang County in the southwest, Gaoyi County in the south, Zhao County and Luancheng District in the east, and Luquan District in the north. It can be said that the long and beautiful lake, where the dragon merges into the dragon, the world's Qifeng closed the dragon mountain, here in the west to Taihang, walking in the green mountains and green waters, naturally relaxed and happy. The initial inspiration came from the ancient Chinese mythological stories "Sou Shen Ji" and "Shan Hai Jing". You often see some totem images of fish, and since ancient times, the meaning of fish represents peace and strength. Isn't the carp that jumps out of the water convey endless hope? This coincides with the original intention of our children's swimming equipment, so through the tireless efforts of our design team, we finally confirmed the basic elements of fish.



"Fun House" is built in the middle of "Xinghui Bridge", like hanging in the air, with beautiful lights blooming at night. The "play house" is made of stainless steel plates laser cutting and welding. The most unacceptable one is the slide that hovers more than 5 meters high in the middle. Although it is not very long, who will refuse such a chance to be a child?


Evergrande-Zhaoqing Plant Paradise

Compared with those tall and long red glass plank roads and glass bridges, perhaps the "sky trail" is less exciting and more fun. Walking light on the sky trail is like walking in the air with confidence. There is no inch of soil under your feet, it is a piece of empty air, and it is a real wooden board and rope net. "Liqi Adventure Sky Trail" is a kind of leisure, adventure and entertainment equipment, which is composed of multiple suspension bridges, drill nets, platforms and slides. It looks "skinny" and beautiful. Each link is supported by 304 stainless steel pipes, connecting the platform with the drill net. Each link is carefully assembled to provide players with a safe and comfortable relaxing environment. Players go up through nuts, cross the suspension bridge, and climb in the drill net to the center. The way to walk on it is diversified, so that you can experience more fun when walking through it.



Dongdong horse combines a variety of playing methods, and there are a variety of playing methods and challenges in the horse body. Climb up the tail to challenge the climbing rope, cross the suspension bridge and meet the small partners. Well, we are all small partners who dare to challenge. Although the red grid blocked me, it was only through this challenge that I could reach the horse's head and look out at the beautiful distance. Even so, the challenges along the way will not defeat me and make me full of strength to move forward.