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Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Town Gulao Water Town · Tongmeng Village



Overseas Chinese Town Gulao Water Town Cultural and Ecological Tourism Resort

The overall planning of the project covers an area of about10 square kilometers,

In the main scenic area about3 square kilometers‍

Tongmeng Village Paradise is one of the ten core products of OCT Gulao Water Town

The little fish fairy and the mud monster take you into the colorful

The park regains the fun of the countryside and the parents.


Dragon Dance-Non-heritage dragon interactive amusement

Flying dragon with the rhythm of the start opening and opening lively and interesting.

The shape design inherits the non-heritage color dragon element of Heshan.

Children see the smart Chinese dragon

be deeply attracted

Enter the long dragon full of fun and challenge game

in the body

Start to inspire infinity

motor cell‍‍

The dragon dance is full of changes and fun.

Children can enter different areas at will.

Reach different game items

Wooden bridge, rope net, square channel

Shuttle rope, tire, rubber, etc.

Fully motivate children

The game of inner vitality


Art Bird

Flying bird unpowered game

Full of artistic interest

No.Butis a fun game facility

It is also a scenery of Tong Meng Village


Mud Island

Feelings run wild

Mud IslandBack to Nature

To run wild in the mud

Fight the Mud

 and build a mud fort,

Drill into the belly of the mud monster

  Playful chasing and hide-and-seek.




Mud monster big partner

Mud Monster contains a variety of fun games

There are slides, climbing, balance training,

Physical training, handmade,

Parent-child painting, outdoor lawn, etc.

Let the kids have fun.




Fish island together to enjoy the water

Fish Island let you put down the phone

Away from the hustle and bustle

play happily in the trickling stream

Back to unrestrained childhood

Feel the country life in the game Water Creek

There are a variety of fishing equipment and sports water trucks on the shore,

Experience fishing, touch the snail, shrimp crab fishing and other water games.

Tong Meng Village looks forward to your arrival

Longxiang Sports Facilities Help

Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Town Builds Tongmeng Village

Looking forward to your visit and experience




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