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Xi 'an Jinhui World City-Jungle Adventure Jurassic Hunting

Xi'an Jinhui World City | Jungle Adventure Hunting Fun Jurassic


Jinhui Group develops Jinhui World City in Xi'an

Project occupancyCBD location, guarding Yanta South Road,

The project format is rich, covering residential, Grade A office buildings,

High-end apartments, five-star hotels, concentrated commercial and other full property types

Longxiang Health Sports Building for Jinhui World City

Fantasy and fun

Jungle Adventure Park

Inside hidden mysterious surprise

Cute and cuddly dinosaur

Will become a good friend of the children to accompany them to grow up



Jungle Adventure Park is a place for children to play happily and release their nature. At the same time, it is also a place to promote children's healthy growth and easy learning. The designer uses the existing terrain and studies the scientific theory of children's psychology and behavior, and carefully divides the siteThe 3 major areas are the children's area (0-3 years old), the middle children's area (3-6 years old), and the big children's area (6-12 years old). There are 13 kinds of amusement methods in a staggered layout to provide children with diversified Recreation experience. 




Break through the hustle and bustle of the city and the shackles of science and technology

Let the child return to nature.

This is the world where children and parents interact.

This is a paradise for children to explore.

Forparent-childInteractionBuilding Bridges of Communication

Around the dinosaur partners to share nature to the city

Pass pleasure to life.



parent-child interactionSynergy

Children began to observe, understand the world,

Seek cooperation and interaction with partners

Establish parent-child relationship through the company and guidance of adults

Adventure Land in the Jungle

The children are running and playing.

Enter the mouth of a dinosaur through a long crawl

Then ride the wind down the slide by the tail.

Over the high and low stakes

On the bird's nest swing with the wind

Take advantage of the sunset in the trampoline cheerful jump

We combine sport, exploration, entertainment and education

So as to promote the development of children's physical fitness, intelligence and emotional intelligence



stimulate potentialStrong physique

The adorable dinosaur is pulling the children's hearts.

Shuttle in dinosaurs full of exploration energy

The cute dinosaur is full of surprises!

Kids here and big dinosaurs

intimate contact

Fully release your own movement cells

Admire the beautiful painting

Feel the influence of art

Children use.

ladders, crawls, even vertical buckets,

and down the stainless steel slide,

Complete a great adventure.



Jungle Fun Wisdom TreasureDevelopment of audiovisual interest

Dinosaurs are all aroundAmusement facilities

LetChildren to fumble

Jungle plum pile, rocking horse, interactive landscape wall and other facilities

Visual, auditory, tactile

It stimulates children's interest and potential.

Here are the children's

Jungle Adventure Park

Here's a surprise waiting for you to discover

Enjoy this wonderful time with your baby!




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