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Baoneng-Orange Fishing Sand Hotel

Silver Beach ten miles, fun. Baoneng Yintan Paradise is an unpowered amusement project developed and constructed by Shenzhen Longxiang Health Sports and Dapeng Orange Fishing Sand. It is close to the mountain and the sea and is suitable for all ages. The facility consists of four parts, a cartoon pirate ship, an exploratory climbing net, a sea breeze swing and a metal climbing ball. Inspired by nature, the amusement equipment is skillfully integrated into the local environment and landscape. Built near the sea, in order to prevent corrosion and decay to increase the service life of the product, the screw parts are all made of stainless steel, and the surfaces of other metal parts are sprayed with more than three outdoor special paints, which are resistant to ultraviolet rays, bright in color, not easy to fall off, and will last for a long time. High-quality material selection, excellent craftsmanship, we strive to perfect every detail, just to make children feel at ease and have fun. Have a happy and unforgettable childhood.

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