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China's First Parent-Child Accompanying Play Qizhi Paradise-OCT Qixin Childhood

Fun Childhood Adventures Original Story IP is rich in modeling, strange and full of fantasy colors, and its playing methods are unique, novel and changeable. It takes you into different fantasy wonders, and you can enjoy it step by step. Children and adults can play here.

OCT-Qiqu Childhood Parent-Child Paradise has a total investment of 0.8 billion yuan and covers an area of 210000 square meters. The original story IP of Qiqu Childhood Adventures is the main line of culture, which integrates 8 product highlights of natural landscape, sailing adventure, adorable pet animals, pastoral practice, research class, original IP, cruise performing arts, and parent-child play, allowing children and parents to participate in it and jointly start a unique journey of Qiqu parent-child. Fantasy shapes put you in a dream world. The design and construction of the five major divisions of the pirate ship "Jose", spider king nest, insect cave, pine forest fairy tale and tree man valley of Longxiangkang sports body integrates slide, bucket climbing, wall climbing, rope net game, balance game, rotating game, sand pool, swing, sky trail and other games into fantasy scenes and IP modeling, restoring unique creativity and original flavor while showing the construction level of precision manufacturing. Carefully for the big children to build a childlike fun, fantasy and safe space to explore.