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      Shenzhen Longxiang Sports Facilities Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is aDesign, development, production, construction and serviceThe diversified enterprise is committed to the research and development of outdoor amusement, expansion, research and study, parent-child high-end customized products,Mainly serving theme parks, city parks and squares, characteristic towns, parent-child parks, real estate communities, schools and kindergartensand many other fields. The company introduces the standardized system of international outdoor children's amusement facilities, based on children's psychology and pedagogy, through the study of children's psychological characteristics, the design of amusement equipment in line with children's natural aesthetic, play, science, interaction, intelligence as the elements, from point to point of creativity, so that in the process of playing, enhance physical flexibility and coordination, imperceptibly cultivate and enhance children's intellectual interest and aesthetic consciousness, inspire children's unlimited creativity and imagination.



Longxiang Kangshi is ready to go

Looking forward to more small partners to join us

Together we create a better future


Recruitment Position Recruitment


设计部  Department of Design


Theme Park Designer

Theme Park Designer


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in games, animation, illustration design, etc;

2. Have experience in landscape planning, architectural design, theme park, or large-scale theme business design, and be able to deepen the implementation of design concepts to produce plan texts and graphic planning designs that meet the design requirements;

3. Understand the relevant regulations and standards of architecture and landscape design, and understand the production and construction technology of unpowered equipment;

4, with strong hand-drawn ability, skilled use of CAD, 3Dmax, Sketchup, photoshop and other related professional drawing software;

5. Able to draw high-level original scenes according to the style and specifications of the park, with experience in original scene design, role setting, character design and conceptual creative design;

6. Have a solid foundation of art and design skills, have strong communication and collaboration, learning ability, work actively, have a strong sense of responsibility.


Main Creative Scheme Designer

Leading plan designer


1. Landscape architecture, environmental art design, industrial design and other related experience, bachelor degree or above;

2. At least 5 years working experience, at least 3 years working experience as a creative designer, and independently completed cultural and tourism design projects and municipal design projects;

3, with strong creative ability, a certain degree of deepening design ability and hand-painted ability;

4. Strong management ability, communication and presentation ability;

5. Proficient in CAD, Indesign, Sketchup, photoshop and other related design software;

6. Good professional ethics, team spirit, able to withstand certain pressure and frequent business trips.


IP Designer

IP designer


1. At least 3 years working experience in IP design and planning in cultural and tourism industry, bachelor degree or above;

2. Possess solid basic skills, strong modeling ability, strong color sense, rich spatial imagination and scene shaping ability, skillful application of painting software (such as PS, PT, SAI, etc.), familiar with the application of comprehensive materials, and have certain hand-painted ability, paying attention to originality;

3. Possess high aesthetic ability and perfect practical techniques and means of expression, and constantly forge ahead to understand and grasp the mainstream art aesthetic direction;

4. Have professional background and talent related to art design, have a good art foundation, have excellent hand-painted ability, strong modeling ability;

5, have good communication and coordination ability, have successful case experience is preferred.


Construction drawing designer

Construction drawing designer


1. Mechanical design, civil engineering, civil engineering related major, bachelor degree or above;

2. Solid mechanical foundation and clear structural concept; Familiar with steel structure design specifications, proficient in CAD, steel structure calculation software 3D3S, PKPM or Rhino;

3, can independently complete the steel structure design, the control construction drawing design to the whole process of project construction;

4. Able to model and calculate, split the structure, draw node processing diagram and connection processing diagram;

5. Strong communication and presentation skills;

6, familiar with the structure design, specification, construction and other aspects of professional knowledge, can quickly deal with the common problems encountered in the construction site;

7. Relevant industry, medium and large product structure design experience is preferred;

8, fresh graduates, interns can be.


Designer Assistant

Designer assistant


1. Landscape design, landscape architecture, environmental art design and other related professional, college degree or above;

2. Strong program creative ability and good hand-painted ability;

3. Proficient in CAD, 3dmax, Sketchup, solidworks, Rhino, photoshop and other related design software;

4, have certain communication and expression ability, can clearly explain their own design concept;

5. Have a good team spirit, work principle, strong execution.


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


1. Art, graphic design, advertising and related professional graduate, college degree or above;

2. At least 3 years experience in graphic design positions, proficient in photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other graphic software;

3. Have a certain perception and understanding of visual design, and have unique visual expression and creativity;

4, can independently undertake design projects, control the design progress, familiar with the design process;

5, have a good team spirit, work conscientiously, have good communication skills.


Operations Operations


New Media Operations

New media operations


1.3 years or above relevant working experience, major in Chinese language and literature, news communication, marketing, advertising, planning is preferred;

2. Be able to independently plan the operation and promotion of self-media platforms such as public number, tremolo, fast hand and little red book, so as to improve the brand awareness of the enterprise;

3, familiar with the use and promotion of major mainstream platforms, solid operation and data analysis capabilities;

4. Able to operate projects independently, understand video planning, be good at content planning and copywriting, and have certain basic image processing ability and video editing ability;
5. Familiar with major social networks, understanding of new media platforms, insight into user needs through data analysis, and complete the whole process operation of project content production, distribution, dissemination and user retention;
6. Short video production and explosive short video output are preferred.


Copy Editor

Copy editor


1. College degree or above (major in news media, public relations, marketing or advertising is preferred);

2. Good copywriting skills, strong comprehension ability and control ability; Have accurate text expression ability and logical expression ability, and have their own unique opinions on brand promotion;

3. Have a certain judgment on the preferences of netizens, with Internet media related work experience is preferred;

4. The ability to write titles and select pictures is outstanding, and the ability to spread the content to the maximum extent;

5, have data awareness, can adjust the work content according to the data, and be result-oriented;

6, have a good team spirit, work conscientiously, have good communication skills;

7, fresh graduates, interns can (need to love writing articles).


Administration Department Administration Department


Chief Financial Officer

financial director


1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting related major;

2. At least 5 years working experience in financial management position, with comprehensive financial professional knowledge, accounting processing and financial management experience;

3, familiar with accounting standards and related financial, tax, audit regulations, policies;

4. Strong communication and coordination ability, good discipline, teamwork and innovation ability;

5. Have entrepreneurial qualities, good communication and expression, strong sense of responsibility, integrity, strong professionalism and ownership;

6, have a good comprehensive financial analysis ability, profound knowledge of economy, financial management, cost accounting, management, etc., can use data to predict future financial trends;

7. Those who have worked in the same positions as CFO and CFO of China's top 500 enterprises, listed companies are preferred;

8, with senior accountant title is preferred.


Personnel Administration Commissioner

HR Specialist


1. College degree or above, at least 3 years relevant working experience;

2, familiar with the operation process of human resources management practices, familiar with the national labor and personnel laws and policies;

3. Practical factory recruitment, personnel work experience;

4, according to the needs of the project can be independent content creative planning;

4, skilled use of office and related office software;

5. Enthusiastic, active, meticulous and patient, with good communication and coordination skills.


Bid Specialist



1. College degree or above, at least 3 years relevant working experience;

2. At least 3 years of business work experience, with amusement industry or real estate bidding experience is preferred;

3, familiar with the bidding process, rules, skilled use of bidding platform;

4, familiar with business operation process, skilled use of office and other office software is preferred;

5. Work carefully, have strong planning and execution, excellent communication and coordination ability and team cooperation consciousness, responsive, able to adapt to changes, can work in a fast-paced environment and have certain pressure resistance;

6, can independently complete the tasks arranged by the superior leadership.


Procurement Supervisor

Purchasing Manager


1. Graduated from economic and trade related major, college degree or above;

2, with the entity production enterprise procurement, documentary experience for 3 years;

3, skilled use of word, excel, PPT and other office software;

4. It requires meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, good communication and communication with others, strong team consciousness and self-management ability;

5. Have good negotiation ability and communication and coordination ability;

6. Strong cost concept, good ideological quality, strong flexibility and pressure resistance;

7. Working experience in mould hardware production enterprises is preferred;

8.2 years team management experience is preferred.


营销部  Marketing Department


Business Assistant

Business assistant


1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. More than 3 years working experience, with tourism planning, tourism planning, theme park design, unpowered amusement equipment and other related work experience and business market is preferred;

3, has a certain market sensitivity and customer demand judgment ability;

4. High comprehensive quality, good image and temperament, strong communication and coordination ability and team spirit, serious and responsible work, and certain ability to resist pressure;

5, familiar with all kinds of office software, such as office office software (excel PivotTable and word, etc.);

6. Be able to cooperate with the commercial director to complete the document processing required for quotation and payment request and carry out simple payment request work;

7. Good professional ethics, team spirit, able to withstand certain pressure and frequent business trips.


Operations Commissioner

Business Specialist


1. College degree or above, at least 3 years in marketing and other related majors;

2, with tourism planning, tourism planning, theme park design, unpowered amusement equipment and other related work experience and business market work experience is preferred;

3. More than 3 years of terminal customer or channel agent development and sales experience, have a keen insight into the market, and have a good overall project implementation and overall planning ability;

4. Have a deep understanding of marketing work;

5, have a strong market awareness, keen to grasp the market dynamics, the ability to market direction;

6. Good high-end customer relationship management ability, innovation ability and communication organization ability, strong pressure bearing ability and strong sense of responsibility;

7, have strong innovation, resource integration, logical analysis, business negotiation and other related skills;

8, skilled application of Word,Excel,PPT and other office software, can drive, have a driver's license.


Project Manager

project manager


1. College degree or above, major in landscape architecture or civil engineering;

2, with more than 3 years of building decoration, steel structure, intelligent strong and weak current system, civil engineering, landscape and other comprehensive project related experience;

3, familiar with the relevant project quality, cost, progress, safety and other standards, specifications and completion acceptance process;

4, familiar with the national safety laws and regulations, safety operation norms and safety management procedures;

5. Strong business negotiation ability, good team consciousness and strong ability to work under pressure. Work conditioning, strain capacity, planning and arrangement ability;

6. The work is meticulous, serious and responsible, familiar with the process, material, installation and on-site construction process, project management, etc. of all products;

7. Workers who have independently carried out daily safety management of the project are preferred;

8, with registered 1. second-class construction engineer qualification certificate, safety officer related certificate is preferred.



生产部  Production Departmente


Workshop Director

Workshop director


1. Bachelor degree or above, 25-40 years old;

2, with more than 5 years of workshop director management experience; Must have more than 3 years of large-scale factory management experience;

3. Have rich team management experience and coordination ability, good at communication and coordination;

4. Familiar with modern enterprise production management process, operation mode and characteristics, familiar with the basic common management system, lean production, on-site management, cost control, etc;

5, result-oriented, active service to customers, with quality, cost, production capacity, delivery thinking;

6. Ability to resist pressure, leadership, planning and execution, conflict management ability, ability to analyze and solve problems, team building ability, talent training and motivation ability;

7, familiar with the workshop work flow and operation, on-site control ability and resource coordination ability;

8, work carefully, bear hardships and stand hard work, good conduct, skilled operation of office software.


Structural Engineer

structural engineer


1. Mechanical design, civil engineering or related major, bachelor degree or above;

2. Proficient in using TEKLA or SAP2000, 3D3S, MIDAS and other calculation software;

3, master the basic knowledge of mechanics, can use the relevant software for structural checking, to ensure structural safety;

4. Good at technical communication and communication, good customer service awareness;

5. Experience in amusement equipment design, product structure design, familiar with steel structure, sheet metal and other process structure design experience is preferred;

6, 3-5 years of steel structure design and construction experience is preferred.


engineering cost

project costs


1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable;

2. Graduated from engineering cost or industrial and civil architecture and other related majors, with strong learning ability and sense of responsibility, meticulous and serious work, and team spirit;

3, have strong business ability and coordination and communication ability, can skillfully use budget software and office software;

4, familiar with the project site construction technology and process and on-site cost estimation;

5, part of the installation of civil engineering drawing ability;

6, will use the wide link to calculate the amount of software priority.


Quality Inspection Specialist

project costs


1. College degree or above, 3 years working experience in the same industry;

2, skilled use of measuring tools and inspection tools, familiar with the production of carbon steel welding (gas shielded welding) quality (no leakage welding, no false welding, no undercut, no crack, no burn through and other defects) and surface grinding, welding spatter quality;

3. Be familiar with the test workflow, and be able to write test plans, test cases and test reports according to requirements documents and design documents;

4, can understand the architectural drawings, can independently complete the site quality control tasks;

5. Strong ability to analyze and deal with problems, emotional stability, strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.


Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager


1. At least 3 years working experience, forklift license and driver's license are preferred;

2, the system master warehousing, logistics and other professional knowledge;

3, familiar with the warehouse indicators of the statistical methods of data analysis;

4. Good communication skills;

5. Proficient in computer operation;

6. Experience in warehouse management, familiar with logistics and warehousing business processes and specifications are preferred.


Company Project company project


Kaisa Baiyun City Square "Seed Paradise"

Project Location: Xiyan District, Baiyun New Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Client/Developer: Guangzhou Kaisa




Vanke Qingyifang Sunflower Town

Project Location: Sunflower Town, Fanjiatun, Gongzhuling City, Changchun City

Client/Developer: Changchun Vanke




Jin Dai Yun Qi Tian Yue Play

Project Location: High-tech Zone, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

Client/Developer: Hubei Gemland



Hebei Shijiazhuang Huaxia happy "fish jump brocade" unpowered amusement equipment

Project Location: Peacock City, Wetland Park, Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Client/Developer: Huaxia Happiness



What to gain

1, not less than the same industry standard salary and benefits;

2. Strong technical atmosphere and pleasant work experience;

3, the company's rapid growth, rapid business development, new business continued to be born;

4, a new vision and height, a new possibility to break through the self;

5, do not imagine, do not cap the career development space;

6. Learning content with equal emphasis on breadth and depth, and a learning atmosphere that encourages innovation and continuous progress.



If you have passion and pursuit for design, please send your resume,

Portfolio (PDF format) and job application sent to recruitment mailbox


And note your application position, we will reply to you within 3 working days,

Looking forward to your joining!






Shenzhen, China

1303, Building 1, Fangda City, No. 20 Gaofa West Road, OCT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Longxiang Sports Group, Moling Road, Baihua Town, Huidong County, Huizhou City



About Us/About Us

The company was founded in 2005, now Shenzhen, Huizhou two places with design headquarters and production base. Own "Wally" and "Longxiang" two brands. In the future unpowered development, relying on equipment modeling and combining with sustainable development, we will develop more possibilities for children's playgrounds and create more inspiring entertainment spaces, so that design is no longer a symbol but a language, A space with temperature and vitality. Let our children have a more equal and resilient future. Although there is a long way to go, we believe that the future is promising.

Since its establishment, the company has paid attention to the introduction of international advanced design concepts and technology, and has a high-quality professional design, production and construction team. At present, it has established business cooperation with overseas Chinese Town, Fangte theme park cultural and tourism institutions and well-known real estate developers such as Vanke, country Garden, Kaisa, China Merchants, Evergrande, Sunac, Jindi, Greenland, Poly, Dongyuan and so on.



Main business:

Professional planning and design theme park

Original interactive landscape art installation

High-end custom unpowered amusement facilities