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Consultant unit elegant demeanour | Long Xiangkang Sports: Stimulate children's creativity and imagination and give children a happy childhood!

Shenzhen Longxiang Sports Facilities Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "World Cultural Tourism Industry Expo Consulting Unit". General Manager Mr. Lin Ruhai was hired as an expert consultant for the Expo to provide industrial policy, market, technology and other related consulting and guidance for the Expo.



Shenzhen Longxiang Sports Facilities Development Co., Ltd."World Cultural Tourism Industry Expo Advisory Unit"The general manager, Mr. Lin Ruhai, was hired as an expert consultant for the Expo to provide industrial policy, market, technology and other related consulting and guidance for the Expo.




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Lin Ruhai | Longxiang Health Sports General Manager

Mr. Lin Ruhai entered the unpowered amusement facilities industry in 2002 and joined Longxiang Health Sports Group in 2005. With 18 years of rich experience in the unpowered amusement facilities industry, he has successively participated in the design, production and installation management of many theme parks such as OCT Qiqu Childhood, OCT Gankeng Hakka Town, Vanke Qingyifang Sunflower Town, Kaisa Baiyun City Square, etc. The management team has also won honors such as excellent supplier award, qualified supplier and excellent project manager. He has rich experience in overall planning, construction design, tourism theme activity planning, etc.

For 18 years, General Manager Lin Ruhai has been in Do not forget your initiative mind, adhering to the sense of responsibility of serving the society and children, and committed to giving children in China and the world a happy childhood.




Enterprise Introduction |

Shenzhen Longxiang Sports Facilities Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a diversified enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and operation. It specializes in theme park planning and design, outdoor amusement, original interactive landscape art installations, etc. Power amusement facilities industry. The company takes product quality and safety as the first priority, and introduces the standardized system of international outdoor children's amusement facilities. According to the latest concepts of child psychology and pedagogy, the company uses novel modeling design, comfortable color matching and other methods to make it use hands and brains. Enhance physical flexibility and coordination during the play process, and at the same time receive education and self-education in a relaxed and interesting environment, imperceptibly cultivate and enhance children's intellectual interest and aesthetic consciousness, stimulate children's unlimited creativity and imagination.

Since its establishment, the company has paid attention to the introduction of international advanced design concepts and technology, and has a high-quality professional design, production and construction team. At present, it has established business cooperation with overseas Chinese Town, Fangte theme park cultural and tourism institutions and well-known real estate developers such as Vanke, country Garden, Kaisa, Evergrande, Rongchuang, Jindi, Greenland, Poly, Dongyuan and so on.

The company has successively passed the certification of ISO90001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, and has been rated as "the most influential enterprise in China's amusement facilities industry", "national AAA credit unit" and "quality, service and integrity AAA enterprise", the company's own brand "Wally" was rated as "China's famous brand", "China's green environmental protection products", "China's amusement equipment industry top ten brands" and "national authoritative testing quality qualified products".




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Hebei Shijiazhuang Huaxia Happiness

"Fish Leaping Brocade" unpowered amusement equipment




Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, is located in the south-central part of Hebei Province. Taihang Mountain borders Jingxing County in the west, Zanhuang County in the southwest, Gaoyi County in the south, Zhao County and Luancheng District in the east, and Luquan District in the north. It can be said that the long and beautiful lake, where the dragon merges into the dragon, the world's Qifeng closed the dragon mountain, here in the west to Taihang, walking in the green mountains and green waters, naturally relaxed and happy.



This time, Shenzhen Longxiang Sports Co., Ltd. has undertaken the design of the amusement equipment for the Yuanshi children's tour project. From the beginning of the design, to the finalization, to the production and construction, we strive for perfection in every detail and create a beautiful world of children's dreams for children.


Project Aerial View


We should leave the most beautiful environment and the greatest sincerity to our children. Children are the hope of the nation, guarding their angelic smiling faces and golden hearts is our pursuit all the time, and the children's playground is also an indispensable core area for a city full of hope in the future.

Through the presentation of Yuyue Bintang Tour equipment, we also reveal to the public the growth needs of children aged 0-12, the most core and most hopeful group in this city. We hope that this project can not only bring children's childhood joy, but also arouse people's attention and attention to the development of children's physical and mental health.

First Draft of Project Design



The initial inspiration came from the ancient Chinese mythological stories "Sou Shen Ji" and "Shan Hai Jing". You often see some totem images of fish, and since ancient times, the meaning of fish represents peace and strength. Isn't the carp that jumps out of the water convey endless hope? This coincides with the original intention of our children's swimming equipment, so through the tireless efforts of our design team, we finally confirmed the basic elements of fish.



Yuyue Brocade Manuscript


Master Manuscript


Fish Leaping Bintang Aerial Photograph


Main equipment effect diagram


After repeated deliberation by our design team, it finally met with us! This project is located in Beishahe Park, Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang. Since ancient times, the sea has been inseparable from human beings. The amusement facilities of the project also revolve around the ocean and adventure.



Vanke Qingyifang Sunflower Town


Vanke Qingyifang Sunflower Town Project is located in Gongzhuling, Siping, Jilin Province. It covers an area of about 5000 square meters. It is a dream world with sunflower as the theme. It is divided into two parts: light fun amusement area and challenge amusement area. The venue covers more than 20 kinds of play methods. The fun play area is mainly for children aged 3-6 to play, and the challenge play area is mainly for older children aged 5-12 to play and explore. Depending on the age of play and the difficulty of play, create a relaxed place for activities.


Fun play area


Swing, graffiti wall, drilling holes, trampoline, crawling, rotating bowl and other multi-functional combination exercise children's limb muscles and body coordination ability. Children can climb, walk, run and jump in the equipment, and can shuttle through different paths in the equipment, which can stimulate the development of foot nerves and whole body tactile senses.


Challenge Recreation Area


As the highest point of sight of the site, the flower tower is equipped with a rainbow crawl and a small slide on the first floor, a vertical crawl on the second floor, and a large slide of nearly 33 meters on the third floor. Exercise children's courage and physical fitness. Only by challenging the crawling on the first and second floors can they reach the third floor and take the slide down. They can also reach the third floor through the circular ramp to experience the big slide that jumped down. But it all takes courage. While testing the children's courage, it also stimulates the curiosity of children in other regions and encourages everyone to move forward without fear of hardship.



Kaisa Baiyun City Square "Seed Paradise"


Kaisa Baiyun City Square "Seed Paradise" project is located in Shicha Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. The park takes seeds as its design inspiration. We combine technology, lighting and intelligent devices to create an open and interactive and participatory dynamic fashion experience area.



Functional areas such as vibrant forests, seed homes, interesting bunkers, and hill terrain are designed in the site. There are rotating seats, power bicycles, rainbow bridges, slides and plum blossom piles to create a dreamy experience of seed germination breaking through the ground. It also incorporates modern interactive art installations, such as: it can emit light by stepping on the pedal of a power bicycle, and the seed house will emit colorful and different light at a fixed time at night. Engage people in the landscape through technologically avant-garde interactive devices.



hill terrain


Fun bunker


Power Bicycle


In the future unpowered development, we will adhere to the people-oriented principle, realize the balance between man and nature in the face of highly dense urban complex challenges, strive to develop and create an unpowered IP image, integrate intelligence, interactive elements, combine humanities, history, environment and multi-dimensional thinking, and greatly enhance the participation of space to truly meet people's requirements for urban beauty and parent-child entertainment.

Relying on equipment modeling, combined with sustainable development, the development of children's paradise more possibilities, create more encouraging entertainment space, so that the design is no longer a symbol but a space with language, temperature and vitality. Let our children have a more equal and resilient future. Although there is a long way to go, we believe that the future is promising.



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